NetApp OnCommand Insight Operation and Best Practices (OCIOBP)

OnCommand Insight Operation and Best Practices is a 3 day instructor let class where you will learn how OnCommand Insight software enables you to manage and improve an organization’s IT infrastructure and service management processes. This hands-on course explains the features and functions of the Insight suite of products and how Insight products work together as a solution. You learn how Insight helps you use service policies to manage storage, plan for change, and use resources and capacity more effectively by completing extensive exercises to manage Insight. You also review and use data warehouse performance reporting features.

Who should attend?

Customers, Professional Services employees, and Professional Services partners


Learner should complete the Getting Started series videos:

  • OnCommand Insight Installation
  • OnCommand Insight Configuration

Course Objectives

After completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the four OnCommand Insight products and explain how they interact
  • Describe the three deployment phases of Insight
  • Describe inventory, paths, policies, thresholds, violations, and vulnerabilities
  • Use Insight to manage multiprotocol storage systems that use such protocols as FC, iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS
  • Address violations and troubleshoot performance issues
  • Configure business entities, applications, and annotations
  • Use business entities, applications, and annotations for business-level reporting
  • Identify the data marts and data models that are in a data warehouse
  • Describe how data is loaded into the data marts and data models
  • Create standard and custom Insight reports

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