This course prepares you to operate a NetApp® SnapProtect® CommCell with the following clients: NAS, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, VMware® vCenter and other virtual server clients. The administrative best practices for trouble-free operation are emphasized throughout the course.


This course is designed for customers, NetApp Professional Services, partners, and Customer Success engineers.


  • Certification as a NetApp Data Management Administrator
  • Completion of two courses:
  • SAN Fundamentals on Data ONTAP and
  • Either: Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administration or Clustered Data ONTAP Administration


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define and describe SANs that use FC, FCoE, and iSCSI protocols
  • Configure Windows Server 2012, Red Hat® 6.4, and Data ONTAP® systems for iSCSI connectivity
  • Configure Windows Server 2012, Red Hat 6.4, and Data ONTAP systems for FC and FCoE connectivity
  • Use FC and iSCSI protocols to create and access LUNs from Windows Server 2012 and Red Hat 6.4 systems
  • Install and use SnapDrive® for Windows and SnapDrive for Linux software to create LUNs and Snapshot™ LUNs, to restore LUNs from Snapshot copies, and to remove LUNs
  • Size, clone, back up, and recover LUNs on Windows Server 2012 and Red Hat 6.4 systems
  • Troubleshoot SAN connectivity and performance issues

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